Friday, March 26, 2010

What IS that???

Did anyone else notice something particularly unwelcoming and most unthoughtful this morning???? SNOW!!!!! HELLO!!! What IS with the absolute determination of Mother Nature to blanket us in white stuff??? I mean we totally got our fill this winter. We had so much snow here in Ohio that my son actually got to cross country ski almost every day of January AND February. Our sleds got so much action that the bottoms are completely rubbed smooth. We had enough snow to go snowboarding, albeit farm style - but still - that is a lot of snow! Our kids have never been SO glued to the evening news, waiting hopefully for the announcement of yet another snow day.
I LOVE snow. I really do - but even I got to the point where I thought - yes, yes there IS enough snow on the ground. We are good. I mean when you actually have to shovel your backyard so that the doggies don't disappear when doing their business, that is enough snow. When the doggies get stuck in the snowdrifts, that is enough snow. When you have to make trails and the snow is waist high on either side just to be able to walk to your car, again, that is enough snow. When your husband has to climb up onto the roof to RAKE the snow off the roof - HELLO!! ENOUGH SNOW! So when Spring arrived and we finally saw the GREEN grass and the YELLOW sun...I thought HALLELUJAH! We have made it! YEA! Warm weather. Spring Flowers. Happy sun filled days! We moved the clocks ahead and I know that MEANS SPRING FORWARD and I thought "ahhhhhhhh warm sun-drenched happiness". Until this morning. Until I opened the back door. Until my doggies looked at me with pitiful eyes that said "AGAIN?!!" *sniff sniff* "WAH....COME BACK SPRING!!!!!!" The birdies, and flowers, and trees, and grass, and doggies, and kids, and most desperately... ME - We miss you already!!!!
(and as a side note..... Dear Mother Nature - I refuse to admit that the world looked so beautiful this morning all covered in white and the doggies were adorable bunny hopping through the yard....cause you might take it the wrong way and think I want more!)

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