Monday, March 15, 2010


I think my exact words were "ACK!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT DID YOU DO??!!!??!!" This was my reaction last night when my very tall 13 year old son walked in the kitchen door......BALD. Okay not BALD - but pretty darn close to BALD. He decided that it would be awesome to use the number one blade on his entire head. My daughter is the actual barber and she usually gives him a very close high and tight military type crew cut. She does an excellent job and I am always grateful for her hair cutting assistance. So of course, I didn't think anything when the 2 of them went outside with the clippers. If I only knew. My daughter said that her brother REALLY wanted it that way. My son said it is cool. I could only think...WHERE IS YOUR HAIR?? WHERE IS YOUR HAIR!!!? And when the dogs saw my son, they just wagged their tails. Do you know what they were thinking? They were thinking- we love that boy. He is awesome. We don't even notice whether he has hair or no hair, dressy clothes or working clothes, shoes or no shoes...he is just the bestest boy in the whole world. Dogs are awesome that way. I think the next time I want an opinion on how I look, I will ask my dogs. I think they just might know best.

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