Thursday, September 1, 2016

Can I Freeze This?

Hello Yesteryear Acres Friends! It is Amelia again, ready to give you today's scoop....This past week my Dad talked to me about making a big investment for the future. He suggested that I get a chest freezer and a vacuum packer. At first I was very against this. How would I ever get a chest freezer into my basement let alone my car?! I am just one person... who needs that much food at one time!? Why are these things so expensive!?!? WHY IS ADULTING SO HARD!?!?! After patiently listening to me rant about life, my Dad had one counter argument that won me over like a glass of ice cold lemonade on a hot day... he said, "We have a lot of food in the garden. If you help pick and process it, you may keep some to freeze and eat all year long OR we will have to stick vegetables in people's mailboxes and you won't get any." Well I planned a trip to the warehouse store with my Dad quite quickly. He helped me load it into his truck and carry it into my basement. It has been chilling all week and is ready to be filled with the goodies we have been working on. My favorite question I have been asking my Dad all week has been, "Can I freeze this?" I don't think he realized his thoughtful suggestion was going to turn me into a monster. So far my LOVING AND OH JUST THE BESTEST IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD Dad has helped me process and freeze sweet corn and beets from the garden, he taught me how to vacuum pack and freeze pork chops, AND I stole tonight's leftovers which were AMAZING! My Dad made homemade pasta sauce from tomatoes, onions, and peppers out of the garden. He even sautéed polish sausage and added that into the sauce. It was spicy and tangy and ohhh my gggooosh just the best dinner ever! (DAD DON'T READ THIS PART) I MAY have HYPOTHETICALLY taken TWO containers of sauce to be placed in my freezer when I get home tonight. The best part is that my Dad was totally right. Even though the freezer and vacuum packer are expensive, they will save me money and give me delicious food all year long. My pork chops came to about 1.72 a piece when we were done packing them. That's insanely awesome! And all of our hard work in the garden- planting, tending to, picking, processing, etc. will be saved for the whole year! Nothing will go to waste and I know exactly where my food is coming from. Talk about worth all the hard work! Tomorrow we have plans to process the potatoes, zucchini, eggplant, and other garden goodies! Bet I will ask him "Can I freeze this?!"

Delicious pork chops so beautifully vacuum packed and ready to freeze

THE BEST SAUCE ON THE PLANET!!! I shall (TRY) to save it and eat it in the depths of winter!
Thanks Dad! You are right..... AGAIN! :) And thanks for the sauce... hehehehe

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