Friday, September 10, 2010

Back to School

Today was absolutely the best day at school EVER!!!!  Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I left the hotel at 6:30am this morning and headed to the Naval Academy for a full day of classes.  Our daughter was there to greet us as soon as we got there and we spent the whole day together. First up was Physical Chemistry.  Now I don't profess to be a chemist at all but I think I might have just grasped the lesson details today and felt ultra smart.  The professor was amazing and so engaging.  It was really interesting.  Her next class was biochemistry and again - it was a great class. There is something to going to a place where everybody says "Afternoon Ma'am" and the students are really there to learn.  The hallways were so respectfully quiet, it was an honor to be among such dedicated students.  You could really tell the professors liked teaching. They have an audience of attentive, polite, thoughtful students that show up to class on time and have insightful questions and contributions. I had an awesome college experience and went to The Ohio State University. I love love love the Buckeyes! I loved going to school but I can tell you that my college experience in no way mirrors the college experience of my daughter. It was incredibly fulfilling. I am grateful the Naval Academy opened their doors and allowed us to shadow our daughter for the day. We got to eat in King Hall along with the other 4400 midshipman.  That is quite an accomplishment to feed that many students all at once!  The food was really good.  We were told many times that the meal at lunch was an exception to the rule - but honestly, it was a great meal and I had one of the best cupcakes of my entire life for dessert.  After lunch we got to go with our daughter to her 3 hour integrated chemistry lab and that was a lot of fun.  I can see why she likes chemistry.  There is so much to do and learn.  It is a very hands on major and it was easy to become immersed in the classes and labs. After her classes were done we got to go to her room. Ahhhhh. FINALLY!!!!  I was sooo happy to finally have the opportunity to see her room and meet her roommates and many of her company mates.  We ended the day by going to dinner with her entire class of 2012 company mates and their parents.  There were more than 100 of us for dinner and the stories and company couldn't be better.  We were laughing and well entertained all evening.  I have to say Best Day Back to School ever!  Thank you Naval Academy!!!

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