Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Doing All the Things I Don't Want to Do

Can you even believe that tomorrow is the very last day of September?  I mean how in the world can the month of September be gone already?  I don't know where the time went. October means pumpkins, and fall leaves, and apple cider, and sweaters, and hot chocolate, and ... and ... and ... no more summer! I had about a million things to get done before summer was over - so today I decided to have a "Let's do allllll the things I don't want to do" morning. It started with......the bills.  I mean, who likes paying bills? Who likes balancing checkbooks?  Who likes watching hard earned money disappear in an instant?  I am serious - with online banking and bill pay - it really is gone in an instant! I had a pile of bills stacked quite high and somehow managed to get through the entire pile.  Today marks the official end of paying for my hospital bills from my heart attack last year.  I sent the last check out today. UGH!  Talk about depressing. I don't really enjoy PAYING money to remember that day.  I did it though.  Every last bill.  All the end of the month bills and all the medical bills and school fees and feed store bills - done.  My inbox looks amazing.  I felt quite happy when I finally got through everything. The minute I was done I ran to tell Mr. Yesteryear Acres about my morning's accomplishments and what do you think he did? Do you think he gave me a nice pat on the back or a "job well done" speech? Nope. Mr. Yesteryear Acres said now that I got all of that done, I should go ahead and call my cardiologist.  What the heck.  I mean I just finished PAYING for all that heart attack business and I didn't even get five minutes to relish the glory of being done with it. Confidentially, I was supposed to make my "one year recovery" appointment with the cardiologist in August but I just didn't want to.  I really don't want to go back to the doctor. I don't want to sit in the waiting room, I don't want to be reminded about that day and I don't want to go back and talk about the heart attack and the medication and all of that BUT Mr. Yesteryear Acres came up with some long story about how he loves me and wants me to hang around so he doesn't have to clean up all the puppy poop by himself. He is so romantic isn't he? So Mr. Yesteryear Acres stood there and waited for me to call to make my appointment. Of course they answered right away and they were so accommodating. Grrrrr!  They were ultra friendly and said things like "oh we need to see you right away - we will get you right in". UGH.  So now I have to go for a full chemical nuclear stress test the second week of October.  I have to have an IV and everything.  I have to be there for six hours! I know. I know.  I already heard how I should be grateful that I am well enough to go and blah blah blah but I DON'T WANT TO. I don't like IV's.  I don't like chemical drips.  I don't like any of it. BUT when that day comes, I WILL go. And I will even be pleasant and cheery and nice to everyone there and I will do allllll the things they say to do. I won't even complain as I already whined enough today but honestly, it is one of the things I do not want to do.  The rest of the day was spent cleaning - which again HELLO - who likes to clean?  Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I put away all the canning supplies. I think he made about 100 trips up and down the stairs.  We also put away the summer lounge cushions, floats for the pond and other end of the summer type supplies. We cleaned and vacuumed and got the room off the kitchen all nice and tidy. We then set up a new puppy box in there so that Belle's puppies could have more room.  With 14 pups - the other box was a bit crowded so now we have them split up and they have tons more space to play.  They look pretty darn happy and pleased with the new living arrangement. After all is said and done, even though today was a day spent doing things I didn't really want to do - I am glad I got it all done. It feels good to finally cross those things off of the list.  Who knows - maybe tomorrow I will have time to tackle my laundry mountain in the living room!

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