Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Coupons of Love

This morning I kind of dreaded opening up the newspaper.  It isn't like I don't already know that my dear friend has died, but somehow seeing it right there in the paper in black and white just feels so oppressively heavy and overwhelmingly sad.  The tribute in the obituary was beautiful and they had the best picture of Paul.  Just how he looks with his big bright smile on his face.  Sometimes people submit pictures from way back in the day - but I was so glad to see Paul just how I think of him. He was always smiling and always grateful.  I doubt he complained about anything his whole long life.  I am keeping a copy of his obituary to save forever. Even if you never knew Paul - if you saw his obituary- you could easily see he led a life well-lived. Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I racked our brains this morning as we just didn't know what to send his wife Wilma to share our sympathy.  I know that she will be swimming in flowers. Paul was loved by everyone so I imagine the flowers she will receive will fill her house.  Wilma will be surrounded by a sea of fragrant kindnesses from all the people who loved Paul. We thought about planting a bush or lavender flower garden or something like that but didn't want to bother her with the decision as to where she would like it planted.  We thought maybe we could do that in the spring sometime.  We thought about contributing to her beloved church - but every idea we came up with seemed to fall short in showing just how much Paul meant to us.  No flower or contribution or memorial type offering seemed to be worthy enough to express the depths of our love for Paul.  Finally Mr. Yesteryear Acres thought of giving Wilma some homemade coupons from us.  We cut each one out and came up with more than 2 dozen coupons for her. We have ones like "Good for One Handyman Service Call", "Good for Help Canning your Vegetables", "Good for One Snow Removal", "Good for Help Getting your Furnace Started for Winter" and things like that. We put a couple extra coupons in for mowing her lawn as they keep about 10 acres neatly mowed. Mr. Yesteryear Acres delivered our coupon package to her house this afternoon. I hope Wilma will use every single coupon.  I think each time she uses one, I will secretly replace it so that she never runs out. Paul's funeral service is this Friday morning. My older daughter could not get leave granted in order to be home in time for the funeral, but thankfully her leave for Friday evening was approved.  She will be home Friday in time for a late dinner. She has to go back to the Naval Academy Sunday at noon so the two of us will go see Wilma on Saturday.  My younger daughter and son will be missing school Friday and will join Mr. Yesteryear and I as we all say our good-byes to Paul. I will be bringing a big box of tissues in my purse.  I know I will need every single one.

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