Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Red Polka Dotted Monster

I know that the very first thing you thought of this morning when you woke up was, "I wonder just how many cups of tomatoes Renee peeled and chopped today?" I bet it was difficult to concentrate on your own work as the suspense was killing you.  Wondering all day long about the sheer volume of tomatoes that I painstakingly diced for SALSA day must have driven you almost mad. Well - I will put an end to your misery right now and share with you the number....126 cups. That is right. I peeled and then chopped 126 cups of tomatoes today. Doesn't that sound like fun? I made salsa all day long and I believe the nose hairs inside my nostrils have completely disintegrated.  Every last one has been eroded by the spicy salsa cooking on the stovetop all day.  I look like a red polka dotted monster. I think I have splashes of tomato juice everywhere! My fingernails have turned an odd yellow orange color that may never go away. In short, I AM a walking tomato! And just in case your second thought this morning was, "I wonder how many sick kids Renee has at home today?" The answer to that question is two. I got the other dreaded "MOM, I am SICK" call this morning at 11am from my son. Yes, I had to go to school to pick him up and he is down for the count as well.  He even missed his cross country meet this afternoon which made him really sad.  My daughter is not any better at all and if she is still the same tomorrow, we are definitely headed straight to the doctor first thing in the morning.  Her fever has been around 103* or higher all day.  She is really sick and I feel awful for her.  I ran back and forth from the living room to the kitchen at least 1,000 times today.  I have filled about 100 glasses with just the right amount of crushed ice and gatorade/water/ginger ale. It can't be too much - or it is too watery. It can't be too little or else - it is not cold enough. Ahh the joys of a house full of sick kids! And please do not forget the STRAWS! I hope tomorrow they are better. I think I might have to declare tomorrow a canning FREE day.  I don't think I can stand to think about cleaning one more stock pot, peeling one more tomato or looking at one more kettle of boiling water. I realize I will still have to fetch 100 glasses of gatorade/water/ginger ale but maybe not have the torture of doing that with another canning day.  I am pretty sure Picadilly day can wait until Friday. Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I hope to be done canning our salsa tonight by midnight which would be awesome as it is a whole hour earlier than the previous evenings. I haven't been to bed before 1:30 am all week long. I think once I get today's mess all cleaned up - it will have to stay clean for at least 24 hours. I have some other things to do - like...laundry! ... and grocery shopping! ...and cleaning up puppy poo! ... and going to the doctor's office to sit for hours!  I mean doesn't that sound AMAZING?!!!  I am sure you are so jealous right now and wish you were right here with me to join in on all the fun.  I am going to have to insist that I do this alone. I know you are feeling the tears welling up in your eyes and are moments away from crying, but alas, I must insist that I do all of tomorrow's fun filled activities without you.  I sure hope you can get over your deep sorrow.  Please go out and enjoy some sunshine for me. Tell Mr. Sunshine and Fresh Air that I said Hi!  I hope to see them both soon!

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