Thursday, September 30, 2010

Move the Antenna 30* degrees

Alas my mountain of laundry STILL awaits!  It also grew larger and I believe is taking on a life of its own.  It is really impressive actually.  I am wondering if anyone will be able to find clothes to wear tomorrow morning as practically every stitch of clothing is buried somewhere in the mountain. I must make this a top priority tomorrow.  I had every intention of getting it done today but every time I headed for the mountain, something came up.  I mean I need a good dedicated 2 hours to get that much laundry folded. It is going to take at least one episode of Grey's Anatomy plus an episode of Private Practice before I can call that chore finished.  I just didn't have a dedicated block of time that big today.  I did however manage to get to the store and finally get all the shopping done.  My list was so large I actually had to type it up so I was sure not to miss anything.  I had everything arranged in the order of the store so I wouldn't spend half the day in the store criss-crossing back and forth. My kids were especially glad to see me when I got home and they all helped to put everything away.  You would have thought they were all starving.  "YOU GOT YOGURT!" "YOU GOT CHEESE!" "YOU REMEMBERED BANANAS!!!!" "YOU GOT TOOTHPASTE!"  I didn't know that all I had to do was delay shopping for about 3 solid weeks and then just by the mere act of shopping, my status would be elevated to super hero.  I might have to pull that one again.  I was ever so appreciated today!  I also helped Mr. Yesteryear Acres align the roof TV antenna.  Evidently it was all askew from the last wind storm so it had to be re-positioned. Now I am sure you are thinking that I am again, a super hero - climbing up on the roof and adjusting the antenna and basically just amazing - but no - that wasn't exactly how the job got accomplished.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres THINKS he told me just how the antenna needed to be positioned in relation to the chimney.  I heard a lot of "blah blah blah" but he believes he told me the exact angle in relation to the neighbors, the wind, the compass direction, moving it exactly 30* degrees, the chimney etc.  Any way I thought I had the position of the antenna down just right and told Mr. Yesteryear Acres he had it perfect. Ummmmm well....evidently I was WRONG.  I was so wrong in fact that Mr. Yesteryear Acres drew 2 pictures for me on index cards.  One was a picture that was the exact replica of what the antenna looked like at that moment.  He wrote OMG WRONG! and a sad face.  The other one was a picture of which direction he wanted the antenna to face, with YES! and he drew a big happy face on the card.  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Why didn't he just give me the love note/antenna instructions in the first place? After all of that work - we still couldn't get ABC on our TV.  I might have said something like that is why we have DirecTV - but I don't think Mr. Yesteryear Acres appreciated my input.  He wanted to get the digital feed of the local channels in case of a tornado, hailstorm, hurricane or some other natural disaster.   Hey - NBC still works. What else do you need? Tonight I am thinking Mr. Yesteryear Acres will be very very sleeeeeeepy and I will wait until exactly 12:00:00 to yell "HAPPY OCTOBER FIRST!" That will be sure to make him smile.  He just loves me!

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