Saturday, September 11, 2010

And my world got just a little bit bigger this weekend

The internet is a miraculous thing.  You can instantly look up the lyrics to a song, find out the name of an actor in a movie, find a recipe for dinner and keep in touch with friends no matter how far away they are.  One thing I never expected from the internet was how wonderful it would be for meeting new lifelong friends. This weekend I got to hang out with the nicest group of Naval Academy moms - who without the internet...I never would have known. A mom of a midshipman from the class of 2012 started a facebook group for the mom's of 2012 midshipmen.  We all post on our group page from time to time and are an awesome support system as we all know how it feels to deeply miss our children.  We understand the demands of the Naval Academy and are there for one another to laugh and sometimes even cry.  Until this weekend, we were all just "facebook" friends.  We had never met but appreciated our connection. This weekend we ALL got together.

 We went to dinner together when we arrived in Annapolis and this afternoon we all sat together in a huge group at the Naval Academy football game. It was awesome. There were over 70 of us! It was so fun to meet everyone and actually shake hands and give hugs. At the tailgate party we got to meet each other's children and it was just the best time.  We all marveled at how through something as simple as a social network - we all found each other and now will be "facebook" friends AND real life friends too.  So hello to my new friends! It was so nice to share my weekend with you.  I can't think of anything better than sitting with friends that have the same deep passion for their sons and daughters that I feel for mine. USNA class of 2012.....Two down.....Two to go!!!!!

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