Monday, September 13, 2010

What? My work is still waiting for me?

I can not believe it. Evidently - magical fairies do not exist.  No magical fairy came to my house to answer all my emails. No magical fairy came to my house to do all my laundry. No magical fairy came to take new puppy pictures for the website or update my website or vacuum my house or pick the veggies in the garden or grocery shop for me. I double checked and everything but alas - all my work was still waiting for me! I have to admit, I feel a little disappointed.  I definitely saw a shooting star the other night and I definitely made a wish on the falling star and I definitely wished for a magical fairy to come to my house and do all my work while I was busy having fun in Annapolis.  I didn't even tell ONE soul about my wish so I didn't violate the "FALLING STAR LAW" where you can't tell anyone what you wished for or it won't come true.  How does this happen? Where did I go wrong?  This morning I awoke to 100 hours of work for my 24 hour day. I am not even close to being done despite the fact that I have worked nonstop all day. Mr. Yesteryear Acres picked an entire trailer load of tomatoes and I have thus far peeled 4 bushels of tomato and will be canning and canning and canning all night long. Tomorrow another trailer load of tomatoes will await me and it will be SALSA day!  The house will smell VERY SPICY all day long!  After 6-7 hours of making salsa - every one's eyes in the house start to burn and noses start running. It is quite potent! I can't wait to chop 3- 4 CUPS of minced garlic.  I hope you noticed my sarcasm font on the previous sentence. There is just not enough soap in the world to rid one's hands of that much garlic odor! In between the salsa festival happening in the kitchen, I hope to get all new pictures of the puppies tomorrow. They all look SO cute and really grew over the weekend. They are so cute.  I had a lap full of puppies today and just loved them all.  I missed them when I was gone!  I guess I better get back to my fun filled activity of filling quart jars with tomatoes.  By the sheer volume of tomatoes cooking on the stove - I am guessing that by 1:00am this morning I might have an additional 50 quarts to add to my count.  Yea!!!  Well back to alllll my fun!!!!!!

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