Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Little Crabby

One of Scarlet's double doodle puppies is now happily living by the seashore. His name is Skipper and he has a wonderful sea loving family. When we brought Skipper to his new family they greeted us with the most fantastic feast imaginable! Earlier that day they threw out their own crab pots and caught 2 dozen fresh crabs for us! They then cooked them and seasoned them with the husband's top secret spice rub. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the 24 beautiful delicious mouthwatering crabs - all for us! They even brought crab hammer/crackers for us. When my husband and I sat down for our fantastic crab feast, we were all smiles! Oh my goodness they were so good and were without a doubt the very best crabs ever! The crabmeat was so sweet and the seasonings were perfect. It was so deeply appreciated and we loved every single bite. After we had happily consumed our feast, Mr. Yesteryear Acres said that I looked a little crabby. I assured him that I was beyond happy, but he said not my MOOD but that I was ACTUALLY crabby. Evidently all that crab cracking and hammering had resulted in little flecks of crab everywhere. I was pretty much covered and as he kept laughing, I let him know that he was crabby too! We thoroughly and completely enjoyed our crabs! Skipper's family was so thoughtful that they even brought us homemade delicious fudge and some really special fresh salt water taffy. They said we had to try all their specialties. WOW! I am so glad they shared their favorite things with us! To thank them for their kind thoughtfulness, I shared one of my specialties and brought them fresh homemade tomato corn tortilla soup. It was so fun to exchange something that I love with something someone else loves. I hope they loved their little slice of midwest garden yumminess as much as I loved my slice of seaside yumminess! Thank you Skipper!!!! Your family's gourmet talents were much appreciated and that wonderful crab feast will never be forgotten!

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