Friday, September 17, 2010

So Grateful for Good Doctors

Things are finally looking up in "The House of Sickness".  Last night was a particularly rough one.  I stayed up until 2am with my daughter and then was up again with her just after 4am when she started feeling even worse. I knew that she was suffering from something more serious than the stomach flu and we headed off to the Emergency Room. It was a really good thing that we went.  It turns out that she has Salmonella Poisoning and a bacterial intestinal infection.  She has been placed on very strong antibiotics along with other medications so hopefully she will be feeling better very soon.  We have NO idea how in the world she came down with Salmonella.  We never eat out. She packs her lunch for school and doesn't eat other people's food.  We eat really healthy foods and all of us have eaten the exact same things. Where in the world she could have possibly contracted Salmonella is a mystery. Nonetheless, she has it and now thankfully is being treated for her illness.  My older daughter also received excellent medical care today and she should be back on the road to better health as well. I am so relieved.  Even though both my daughters are the exact same sick as they were this time yesterday - they have been cared for by good doctors and my girls should be feeling better in no time. My world seems a lot brighter today!  The puppies also had excellent medical care today as well.  Roxy's puppies got very good check ups and received their first booster shots.  They were good little troopers and their tails never stopped wagging.  They will be ready for their new homes starting next week.  I feel badly that I didn't get their picture updates this week for their families.  They are just so cute and I wanted to share their cuteness with everyone.  The really good thing is that they are even more adorable than last week so they are sure to bring a lot of smiles when their new families come to pick them up. Hopefully with everyone on the road to better health, we can go back to the normal crazy busy schedule. You know the one that has me canning, and making sundried tomatoes, taking puppy pictures, making delicious meals, playing with puppies, laughing with my kids, running to sporting events, sitting on my dock and all that other fun activities that I love so very dearly.

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