Sunday, September 5, 2010

You Can't "Beet" This

Today was a busy productive day with an awesome end. Of course the day started with.....MORE tomatoes!  I know you have to be SO jealous that the very first thing I did when I woke up this morning was to start peeling 3 sinks full of tomatoes. I mean can there be anything better than waking up to a couple of bushels of tomatoes to peel?  Once all the tomatoes were peeled and cooking away on the stove we had some really nice families come and visit their puppies.  Roxy's puppies are just old enough for their very first visitors and I have to say the puppies did really well.  They were super happy to meet new friends and had a lot of fun romping around the yard.  They just get cuter every day.  Scarlet's puppies had lots of time to play outside today as the weather couldn't be any nicer.  The day was just perfect for puppies and tomato canning.  The puppies got their little nails trimmed today and they all were very cooperative and the job was done in no time.  We finally got all the tomatoes for this round done by 6:00pm this evening.  Total count so far = 68 quarts. That means just ONE more big long day of tomato work and I should have my 104 quarts for the year.  I think the next tomato day will be Wednesday.  We should have enough ripe tomatoes to pick by then to get the job finished.  You would think that after doing the tomatoes and puppies and all of our work, we would take the evening off......HA!  Mr. Yesteryear Acres went out to the garden and pulled up some beets so tonight became Beet night.  I ended up getting 4 gallons of beets processed this evening.  Just as I thought I would collapse and never stand up again, Mr. Yesteryear Acres had a lovely campfire going back at our pond.  He had smore fixings ready and off we all went.  It was a perfect night.  The stars were amazing and the night air was so cool that the fire felt wonderful.  My ever so thoughtful sister (who always gives the most perfect presents in all the world) sent us "magic" pinecones and sticks for our anniversary.  This is the first chance that we have had time to use them. Oh my goodness! They are amazing!  The treated pinecones and sticks turn the fire all sorts of incredibly vibrant colors. We had flames that were the greenest of greens and neon blues, purples, raspberry blue, seagreen and a whole palette of amazingly vivid colors. It was really fun.  We stayed out for hours gazing at the aurora borealis in our firepit and catching an occasional falling star light up the sky.  It was a perfect end to a really busy day.

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