Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Handful of Cheerios and Happiness Reigns

When my daughter woke up this morning, she asked for a little cup of dry Cheerios.  I don't think giving someone a handful of Cheerios has ever brought me so much joy. She hasn't eaten anything since Monday evening and to hear her actually ask for some food was music to my ears.  She is definitely on the road to feeling better! YEA!  With my daughter feeling stronger today, I felt comfortable spending some time outside with the puppies.  They were so happy to have a long fun recess playdate today.  I was even able to get new pictures taken of all of Lola's puppies. I have felt so horrible about being unable to get the updated pictures done.  I know how much the weekly pictures mean to my puppy families and I hate to let them down. I have the joy of seeing my sweet puppies each and every day and I make it a huge priority to get my puppy picture updates done each week.  I just was so busy caring for my daughter and getting the vegetables put away, I never had a free moment all week long.  Luckily today my daughter was comfortable enough to take a nap and while she was napping, I hung outside with the puppies and brought my camera along. I think I got some really good shots especially considering I didn't have an assistant. Believe it or not, puppies do not just sit in one spot and look right at the camera and smile.  Puppies run all over the place, stopping just to look at you long enough so that you THINK you have the shot, only to find that yet again you have captured your 400th picture of an ear or tail.  I ended up getting really good pictures of every one of Lola's puppies all by myself.  That alone is reason to smile!  Tomorrow I will try and get all of Belle's puppy pictures done.  She has the biggest litter so it will take creativity to get all those puppy pictures done.  They are all doing really well and are growing like weeds.  Belle is such a good mommy to care for all those sweet puppies.  We have been extra careful to make sure she is eating like a queen.  She needs plenty of calories to make sure she continues to have a plentiful milk supply. 14 puppies is a lot of work - for humans and doggy mommies. Thankfully Belle is AWESOME and is really doing an amazing job. I am so happy that things feel back on track here at home. Time to start crossing things off the ole list once again!

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