Sunday, September 26, 2010

Finally PICTURE DAY!!!!

After having our lives in a bit of an upheaval these past 2 weeks, I think things are getting back on track.  My older daughter made it home and yesterday we all spent the entire day at my neighbor's house.  It was a big step towards the healing process and being together really helped.  My older daughter had to go back to the Naval Academy at noon today so our time was short - but we packed a lot of love into the short stay. I feel like things are moving forward now and today I actually got things accomplished on my list. Most important thing that I crossed of the list - I finally got alllllll the puppy pictures done today. YEA!  My younger daughter is feeling better and she is my very best camera puppy picture assistant and I feel so relieved to get the pictures all done.  I hate not having them done on time. It bothers me so much because I feel the weight of letting people down and I hate to let people down. The sun was not so cooperative today and it was actually a bit chilly outside but the puppies had a blast playing with us and it was a fun afternoon.  I have 2 super red puppies but without the sun, they look dark apricot - but it is still easy to see how cute they all are.  Belle's 14 babies are all doing SUPER!  They are so beautiful and I think I got some really cute pictures of the bunch.  I must admit even though it might seem like I am ALL powerful and was able to change a GIRL puppy to a BOY puppy........I am actually someone who counted the same girl twice and thought I had 7 girls and 7 boys in Belle's litter.  With 14 puppies all squirming around it was actually an easy mistake to make.  Belle's puppies can fill your lap and then some!!!  So now that I had my bestest assistant and we had the puppies all sorted and posed for their glamour shots today - I realize that in fact we have 8 boys and 6 girls.  Oops!  Belle's puppies have amazing coats and some are so silky and wavy, they actually look like goldendoodle puppies.  My daughter and I also got all the puppies' nails trimmed. It was nice to spend the day with so many kissing sweet babies! Lots of puppy breath today!!! Now we are off to make a delicious yogurt parfait for dinner.  For the puppies of course!  We humans are having leftovers. If I am lucky - I will be done just in time for the Amazing Race! Yea Sunday!!!!!!

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