Thursday, September 9, 2010

Country Roads......

The puppy mobile is in full swing and we are on the road to Annapolis. Mr. Yesteryear Acres is our pilot and so far the trip has been nothing but smooth sailing. The puppies love their living room on wheels. They have been happily playing and have been the best passengers. We stopped at the 3 hour mark and met our first puppy family on our journey. They were both so nice and fell instantly in love with their new sweet puppy. They had a big thick monogrammed leash and the puppy looked sooo cute with such a big leash for such a little puppy. I told them they should get a picture so that in 6 months they can compare how much the puppy has grown since that very first time wearing the leash. Remarkably, all the puppies pooped at our stop! I got all the lovely "presents" cleaned up, said our goodbyes and we were once again on the road. Now as for Mr. Yesteryear Acres taste in music...... Gordon Lightfoot? Bread? America? Honestly. He is stuck in the early 70's. We have had the station stuck on "The Bridge" and I have relived all the old songs from way back when. I have to say....I am impressed with my lyrics recall ability. Man I was on it! Best music moment....John Denver comes on the radio singing, "Country roads take me home", and I kid you not, right as he sings, "West Virginia" we crossed the West Virginia Border! Now that is a classic moment! I am sure that Mr. Yesteryear Acres wont admit this but....he totally missed the I-79 South exit!! I mean totally. We (really I) didnt notice that he was going the wrong way for 4 miles. After we turned around and finally got on the right freeway there was the most massive accident. A huge fuel tanker truck crossed the median, hit a big portable construction zone sign and then ended up on the other side of the road up in the woods! It was unbelievable! Cars were everywhere on both sides of the road. We literally had to have missed it by a mere 5 minutes or less. People were just starting to get out of their cars. Mr. Yesteryear Acres said that is why he took the 4 mile scenic detour on the wrong road. Had he gotten off on the right road we could have been in the accident instead of driving right by it unharmed. Good ole Mr. Yesteryear Acres. Always thinking!!!! We still have 2.5 hours of driving to go which gets us to our destination about 30 minutes later than planned. I guess the adage "Better late than Never" is particularly appropriate today! Puppies and all passengeers safe and accounted for....even if we are stuck listening to Dan Fogleberg and Jim Croce LOL.

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