Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Chicago Highlights

I was pretty excited when I found out the Labradoodle Breeder Conference would be held in Chicago.  I envisioned waking up early every morning and taking long walks along the shore of Lake Michigan. I couldn't wait to walk the miles of shoreline and see all the sights. Unfortunately the Pet Expo and Labradoodle Breeder Conference were not IN Chicago.  Even though it clearly said "Chicago" - this is as close as I ever got to the Windy City
I saw it from my car window and then.....I saw it fade from view

Even though I never really saw the Windy City, I did learn a ton and the seminars were terrific! 

We heard lectures on everything from genetics to best breeding practices.  It was definitely worth the long drive. 
I even had time to walk the entire floor of the Pet Expo
My Doodle Doggies were super happy with all the presents I brought home.
There were some strange looking doggies at the Expo!
Even Tiger Doggies!
The best part of the conference is hanging out with awesome friends.  This is my dear sweet friend April. This is the only picture April would let me take of us together. Ironic considering she takes pictures EVERY SINGLE DAY!  She just isn't in any of them.  BUT even though April won't let me take selfies of us together.....
She gave me these doodle slippers!!!!!!! Aren't they the cutest slippers you have ever seen?  Every night when I came back to my hotel room, I put them on right away.  They have now become a travel necessity!  Doodles on my feet!

On my drive home, I saw a windmill farm

It stretched for miles and miles

And a beautiful sky to keep me company all the way home.
Tomorrow I will post doodle doggie present highlights!
So much good stuff!

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