Saturday, September 6, 2014

Good Day for Haircuts

Today was a pretty cloudy day and much cooler than it has been lately so I figured it was a good day to start the Autumn Doodle grooming schedule.  All of our doodle doggies get trimmed in late summer/early fall so that their coats are just the right length when winter rolls around.  I like them to have a nice "sweater" when the cold weather hits.  When I was at the SuperZoo in July, I ordered new scissors and new clippers for our doodle doggies.  Our clippers just arrived and I have to say - they are fantastic!!!!  My son and I got FOUR doodle doggies done in one afternoon.  That is a good day! Grits was first up.  She got her very first haircut.  I used the new scissors which were super sharp and super fast.  I don't think I will be winning any grooming competitions but I did scissor down her entire coat and she is half the doodle doggie she was this morning!
After....where's Grits?

Oh there she is!

She says she feels so much lighter now

She can fetch her bone in no time


She says thank you

Now she gets to watch the other doodle doggies 

Juneau got the full clipper treatment.  
She was silky soft in record time

Juneau says now she can play with her new toy with ease!

We got the paws up from all the doodle doggies!
Ready for Round Two!

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