Monday, September 22, 2014

I missed them!!!

I missed my cute doodle puppies!  Even though I was only gone three days - they all look like they grew so much while I was away.
Birdie's Goldendoodle puppies surprised me with how well they licked their puppy pan clean.  They love eating their solid food!

This week they will really start to grow!

Our little red Double Doodle boy is such a gorgeous puppy.

He loves to follow us around!

Eloise has a few butterballs in her litter.  Two of her Double Doodle girls are so chunky. They are butterballs of love!

And these three Double Doodle girls are so petite.  Once they start solid foods next week they will start to catch up to their 2 butterball sisters! 
Happy Monday!

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