Monday, September 8, 2014

I see you

This week our little goldendoodle babies opened their eyes.  They are just so adorable when they start getting their first glimpse of their world.  Both Birdie and Eloise have been taking excellent care of their puppies.  Sadly we did lose the 3 really tiny babies in Eloise's double doodle litter.  This can happen when there are so many puppies in one litter.  Some of the puppies just get a lot more space in utero than others and the little tiny ones just have a tough time once they are born.  Thankfully Eloise's 5 girls and 4 boys are doing great.  They are nursing well and gaining weight. We are lucky to have such sweeties to love!
Birdie's 3 Goldendoodle Boys

and her 4 Goldendoodle Girls

I see you!

Lady's Double Doodle Boy

I think his name might be "Cowboy"

Eloise's 5 Double Doodle Girls

The last girl on the right is a little butterball!

Our 4 Double Doodle Boys

One Light Apricot, One Cream, One Apricot and One Red Caramel cute!
Happy Monday

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