Friday, September 5, 2014

It's Nice When They Love the Same Thing

As soon as my son gets home from school the doodle doggies all know...happiness has arrived.  I have several doodle doggies that can tell time.  About 15 minutes before my son gets home, the doodle welcome parade has already started formation.  The doggies can't wait for my son to arrive with the same enthusiasm that my son has when he walks in the door. DOODLE TIME!  After school means play time for the doggies!
Group play is always a blast

Is it time for fetch???

Very polite doodle doggies waiting their turn

Checking the soybean perimeter...such an important job!

Checking the horses.....such a FUN job!

Sometimes saying hi to the horses is the most fun

Awww gee - time to go back already?
It is nice when the doodle doggies favorite thing and my son's favorite thing is the same.  No greater fun/love can be found than hanging out with furry best friends.  It makes every day - a good day.

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