Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Challenges of Strength Training

I am very committed to keeping up with my strength training regimen.  No matter what, 2-3 times a week, I lift weights. I don't make excuses for it and I do it without fail. Despite my unwavering commitment to keeping my muscle mass from diminishing, there are challenges here at Yesteryear Acres to completing my weight lifting mission. Those challenges are DOODLES. No matter what, every single time I lie down on my floor, I have company. The doodle doggies all think that I need assistance.  They all think that I need a snuggle buddy.  Obviously I am looking for a doodle blanket or else why would I be lying on the floor?  As soon as I pull out my exercise mat, I am surrounded by happy doodle doggies just waiting to keep me company.
This is what it looks like every single time I try to do a sit up....
When I was shown the proper sit up form at the gym, this furry addition was clearly missed in the instructions.
As soon as I move on to Chest Presses - I have at least one doodle doggie on each side and usually one on my stomach. 
I know the Doodle Doggies like cardio exercises better, because then they get to run and play and have a blast, but I have to do strength training as well.  
Here we go....Doodle Squats anyone?

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