Thursday, September 25, 2014

Goodie Bags

The Labradoodle Breeder Conference was not only an awesome learning experience but we got goodie bags too!  Everyone knows I love presents and this year's conference did not disappoint!
I think one of our doodle doggies will look quite dashing in the new yellow bandana!  And all our doodle puppies LOVE teddy bear blankies!  We put one in every single one of our puppy care packages.  Nothing says "I love you" like a teddy bear blankie from home!

I asked my doodle doggies if they liked lobster and they all said yes! This is the best that this lobster will ever look.  Right now I have several doodle doggies trying to see what the inside of this lobster tastes like.  I will taste like stuffing!  I also got a nice set of bells for our back door. I love it when our doodle doggies ring the bell to let us know it is time to go outside.  Training your doodle pup to use the bell is really easy too!  Just have your pup ring the bell right before you go outside.  You will have a bell-ringing doodle champ in no time!

I don't want to see selfish and say this was the best goodie bag item EVER but....This was the best goodie bag EVER!  Look!  Not only is it an awesome insulated cup with a lid AND straw but it is also full of candy!!!! Mmmmmm.  Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE CANDY!  It was hard to take this picture with the candy actually still inside the cup.  
I confess...I am a candy-a-holic.

I am eager to read my moderndog magazine.  I love articles about doggies so this looks great!  I also have quite a few catalogues to get through as well.  The martingale collar and leash was a really thoughtful goodie bag item.  I can always use them!!!!  And doggie treats!  My doggies all say thank you!

Last but certainly not least, I got a bone shaped dog tag with all my information on it.  That way whenever I take one of my doodle doggies walking some place other than Yesteryear Acres, I am all set! Now that was an awesome goodie bag!

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