Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Still Dog Tired

Day two of the new doodle doggie toy is just as exciting and fun-filled as day one.  The doodle doggies LOVE the toy and I have to say - it gives them an awesome workout.  Last night all the doodle doggies were zonked out.  As in dog tired and not moving at all.  They slept quite soundly! Today they were all ready for round two.
The balls were filled to the fill line today.  Super heavy workout!

One for each of you.

Makes Tug of War even more fun!

Grits is clearly the cheering squad

Way to go Olive!

Blossom isn't so sure..what IS this toy???

Hey!  This is fun! Tug of War for one!

Man! I am great at this game!

I can even play fetch with it

Or just drag it around all over the yard

Whew! Break time!  Better keep my paw on it, until I am ready for more.

Alright let's go!

I guess Tug of War with Grits is pretty fun too

Super heavy ball workout. Ready......and lift!

and rest......

and lift!

Man! This ball won't budge!

Juneau says, "Here I am to help!!!"
New Doodle Doggie Toy rating.....Two Paws Up! 

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