Monday, September 15, 2014

The Apple of My Eye

Of course there can be no cuter Apple of My Eye than our adorable doodle babies!!!! Here is this week's "Puppy Picture Monday!"
Lady's Red Caramel Double Doodle Boy gets cuter every week! 
Birdie's 3 goldendoodle boys are starting to toddle around.  They are so cute! 
We have one boy available

And Birdie's 4 goldendoodle girls.  So sweet!

Eloise has gorgeous Double Doodle babies!  Here are her 2 Red Apricot Girls. 
And 3 more girls....Light Apricot, Red Caramel and Caramel Girls 
Let's not forget our Double Doodle boys! Eloise has a Red Caramel Boy and a Red Apricot Boy
And here are the 2 Apricot Boys.
Happy Puppy Picture Monday!!!

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