Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New Toy!!! Dog Tired!!!!

Hurray!  Some of the new Doodle Doggie toys that Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I ordered when we were at the SuperZoo in Las Vegas arrived today!  We have been waiting forever for our new goodies to arrive.  Today we got a rope bone toy that has a big hard ball in the middle.  You fill the ball with water.  You can choose to fill it up all the way, half-way, or just a little water depending on the energy level and athletic ability of the doggie you are playing with. Of course we immediately had to test out our newest doodle doggie toy.....
Did someone say new toy???

I love new Doggie Toy Day!

What is it?????
We don't know - but we are going to go find out!

Hey how do you pick these up?
I think you've got it!

Oh I missed!!!!
I got it!!!!

Oh Boy! This is fun!

Man that ball is heavy!

Let's put it down for a minute

Okay - Ready for Round two!

I think it is easier if we carry it up the hill together
The Doodle Doggies are now REALLY tired.  They are acting as if they ran a doggie marathon!  They decided to rest for a bit and then we are going to add more doodle doggies and have more fun with our new Doodle doggie toys.   Look for Part 2 Pictures tomorrow!

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