Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Big and Little

Our big doodle doggies love to go on long hikes and play fetch and swim in our pond and....they really like hanging out with our doodle puppies too! On nice weather days it is fun to have all the puppies outside and a few doodle doggies for them to play with.
Outside time is soooo much fun! 
First thing we have to do is run as fast as we can
to find...... 
our best friend!

and then we go find big doggies to play with 
Hey!  Where are you going now? 
Whew....all this running around is exhausting! 
Ready for Round Two 
So much to do! 
Is it nap time yet?
It is naptime!  
Best afternoon ever!
We are lucky doodles!

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