Sunday, September 21, 2014

My Blisters have Blisters

Today was another agenda-packed day full of Doodle breeder seminars and meetings.  The whole day was great and as soon as the last seminar was finished most of the doodle breeders headed over to the big pet expo.  It was so fun doodle shopping all together and I have to say that I filled my bag with some really great stuff!  The expo was quite small when compared to the Super Zoo but there were still some terrific vendors there.  We walked every inch of the floor and then walked some more.  After the expo we all walked to dinner and I think we were all wishing that we had worn sensible shoes! I logged almost 19,000 steps today and I had on high heeled boots for the entire day. OUCH!  The pain is all worth it though because I was lucky to be able spend the entire day with the most genuinely warm hearted breeder friends and we had the best time together.  Our dinner lasted over 3 hours and I barely noticed that any time had passed at all.  We had amazing food, amazing conversations, amazing belly-laughs and an amazing time.  Thank you to everyone who shared their weekend with me.  I will never forget the company and friendship. Safe Travels Home!

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