Saturday, January 30, 2016

Colors in the Sky

The other day when I was out - the most beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky.  I immediately stopped what I was doing and watched the beautiful colors fill the sky. It was so good that I started stopping people so they wouldn't miss the rainbow.  Most people stopped to take a look and a few people stayed right with me the whole time to watch the deepening colors. It wasn't too long before a full double rainbow appeared.  The colors in the sky were so clear and the sight was amazing.  The thing that really surprised me the most were the people who didn't stop.  There were some people who just kept walking by and didn't take a second to even look up.  I felt sorry that they were missing nature's beauty.  I felt sad that they didn't appreciate the brilliant painting in the sky created just for us. As for me......I will always stop to look at a rainbow. I will always be in awe and appreciation and thankful for the colors in the sky.
Thank you beautiful rainbow
Your sky painting was beautiful

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