Friday, January 8, 2016

Can't Even Eat One Egg

My son has been dreaming of starting an ostrich farm for quite some time.  He has done extensive research on ostrich rearing and is hopeful that someday he will have his own ostrich farm.  For Christmas this year his sister gave him a certificate for the future purchase of an ostrich chick and his grandma sent him a sampler pack of ostrich meat.  We have enjoyed ostrich steaks, ostrich spaghetti and ostrich hot dogs and hamburgers. Ostrich is unbelievably tasty and super lean! It is hard to believe you aren't eating super high quality beef. Well today we added to our ostrich gourmet medley.  My son and Bri brought home an ostrich egg.
Time for breakfast!
One does not merely crack an ostrich egg open

Yes, that is a drill

Got it!

Perfect precision

Saving the ostrich eggshell

That's a LOT of egg!
Scrambled eggs for all!

Next project.....carving/decorating the Ostrich eggshell.  Stay tuned!

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