Sunday, January 10, 2016

Not a Millionaire

Like many of you, I woke up this morning to find out that overnight I did not become a millionaire.  Well technically Mr. Yesteryear Acres woke up to find out that he was in fact not a millionaire which means that I am not the wife of a millionaire. While waiting for the lottery results we played the... "What would we do if we won the lottery" game.  We are probably the most boring "what we would do" people ever.  If we won the lottery, we would still surround ourselves with doodle doggies and doodle puppies.  We would still surround ourselves with animals.  We would still have a huge garden and we would still do all the harvesting and canning. We would want lots of property and we would still be thankful for mowing the lawn and trimming the walking trails and enjoying all of nature's beauty. Every time we came up with a job that we could delegate to someone else, we ended up deciding that we would still want to do what we do.  The only job we came up with that we would love for someone else to help us with was housecleaning.  So I guess since I am not a millionaire, I will go vacuum the kitchen and Mr. Yesteryear Acres will take out the trash. Only for the next few days though because Wednesday we might be Billionaires!!!!!

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