Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hornets Don't Scare Me

This summer our favorite picnic spot by our pond became off-limits.  Hornets built a giant nest in one of our pine trees and they were very adept at keeping us away.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres got stung several times over the course of the summer and I stayed so far away from the nest, I was almost too far to enjoy our pond.  We had to move our picnic area entirely and keep the doodle doggies away from that end of the pond.  The hornets had definitely marked their spot and they were adamant that they were there to stay.  Well today.....
This monstrosity 

That mocked and tortured us all summer

Was no more!!!!!  With the below zero temperatures, it was finally safe to remove the nest.  Ha ha ha! Take that hornets.  You don't scare me at all! 
(Well at least for today!)
Good Riddance!

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