Sunday, January 31, 2016

Spring in January?

I have gotten to the point this winter where I absolutely don't know what to wear.  Is this an arctic parka day or is it a short sleeve and flip flop day?  A few days ago Mr. Yesteryear Acres went ice fishing on our pond wearing appropriate deep freeze winter clothing. The weather was like this
Definitely appropriate January weather.  Gloves, mittens, winter boots, scarves - all required. The Doodle Doggies were romping in the frozen tundra, chasing snowflakes as they ran.
Yesterday my son and Bri went ice fishing on our pond........wearing T-Shirts!  The weather felt like this
Everyone was in short sleeves and I believe the Doodle Doggies were looking for Butterflies!  Is Spring here already?  Oh of course it isn't!  Next week.........freezing weather on the way!!!  Time to put aside the flip flops and bring back the ice cleats. Or maybe we should just wear one of each.  That way we will be sure to be dressed appropriately!

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