Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Woo Doggie

Yesterday the morning started out with the most horrific smell permeating every crevice of our house.  A great big skunk met its untimely death right out in front of our house.  No critter is a match for the fast car traffic out on our road.  Everything in our house smelled like dead skunk that even the dogs were saying, "Woo Doggie....WHAT IS THAT SMELL?!"  Thankfully, Mr. Yesteryear Acres was kind enough to put skunk removal at the top of the to-do list.   He went out in the middle of our dangerous road and scraped the skunk remains off and gave Mr. Stinker a proper burial.   I was very thankful that in our list of chores and duties, skunk burial clearly falls under Mr. Yesteryear Acres list. Luckily, the fast speeding cars were quite willing to slow down for the skunk scraping and within a few hours, the smell finally dissipated. Skunk Burial.....CHECK! Or so we thought......
This morning, much to our surprise, we woke up to the most horrific smell permeating every crevice of our house.  Mr. Stinker had a brother!  Evidently Mr. Even BIGGER Stinker was looking for the original Mr. Stinker.  Yes, today we had our second skunk burial morning.  If it is not too much trouble, could tomorrow morning be stink free?  Thank you.

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