Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Why Hello Again!

Today was another chilly snow-filled day.  We have a few younger Doodle Doggies that have never seen snow before and they LOVE it.  They spent the afternoon romping around in the white stuff and playing fetch with overwhelming delight.  It was really fun to play with them in the snow.  I think they love playing in the snow as much as I do.  After Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I were all done with our afternoon farm chores - we were treated to the very best surprise. We were standing outside when we saw a big shadow cross our path.  We looked up into the sky and......... our bald eagle was back!!!!!  Two winters ago we had a bald eagle visit Yesteryear Acres and I thought that was a once in a lifetime occurrence.  Looks like I was wrong!  Why Hello Again!!!!  It was such a beautiful sight. They are just the most majestic birds and a treasured visitor to Yesteryear Acres. As the smiles filled our faces, we watched the bald eagle circle and soar and slowly fly out of view.  Thanks for visiting Mr. Bald Eagle.  Please come again!!!

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