Tuesday, September 13, 2016

83 Degrees and Sunny

Today has been such a beautiful day at Yesteryear Acres!!! We have had the bluest sky and the most friendly breeze. Being outside today has been a real treat! The doodle doggies thought so too! On our walk today they let their ears flop in the wind and basked in the sun around the pond. We even livened some things up when I switched my Dad's music out for mine! I am teaching our doodles to salsa!!! I have to say today has been a lovely break from the hot humid 90 degree days we have been having. I think the humidity level today did not even pass 45 percent! On a day like today I am so happy to be back home. It does not feel like work when everyone is in a tail-wagging good mood! I hope everyone had a chance to enjoy some of this beautiful sunny summer day. I have to go back outside as I am being called back for another round of fetch! Woof :)

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