Sunday, September 4, 2016

I'll 'Stick' By You

Greetings from Yesteryear Acres!! It's Amelia here again to give you the Sunday Scoop.

By now I am sure you know we have quite a few friendly visitors here at Yesteryear Acres, deer doodles, skunk doodles, geese doodles, etc. BUT did you know we are having quite a few stick doodles this year?? Yep you heard me right, stick doodles. Today I got up close and personal with the bug you hardly ever see... a stick bug. I was sitting in the grass playing with the dogs when I noticed they were looking at me funny, like I had something for them, but they were confused. Looking down I saw a stick on my shirt. I thought... hmmm that's odd I have a stick stuck there. THEN IT MOVED! I had a moment of panic where I thought surely this is how I die... when I remembered my dad calling me awhile ago about the stick bug he found on the barn door. This lessened my panic, but I still wanted the critter off me as I am not the biggest fan of bugs crawling on me. Luckily Bri was there to save the day! Even though she has never seen a stick bug before, Bri scooped the little stick doodle off my shirt and set him down in the grass like an expert. We took a few pictures of our new friend and even lost him a few times because of his great camouflage! Everyone say hello to our new visitor!  

This was the stick bug my Dad found on the barn door! He was a big guy!

I spy a stick doodle 
I call him Stanley.  
Stanley was a bit camera shy 
Bye Stanley! Come back soon!!! (Just not on my shirt please!)

Our new friends are here to 'stick' around! 
Happy Stick Doodle Sunday!!

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