Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Oh "Wood" I?!

My Mom is still away taking care of my older sister so she asked me if I would write the blog again.  I said, "Oh WOOD I?! Why yes I WOOD."

Today my Dad and I spent a majority of the very hot day cutting and cleaning up the fallen trees in the backyard. A few weeks ago we got hit with a pretty big storm that knocked down some fairly large limbs and trees on our hill. Luckily we finally had time today to saw and clear the debris. After dragging what my Dad called 'smaller' branches into the brush pile I got to 'color' the logs. I called it coloring because it makes my day sound way way way more awesome than it was. Not that I minded picking up sticks and stacking logs with my Dad, we alway make the best out of everything... but after I realized I had been walking in poison ivy for the past two hours, I needed a brighter spin on the day. I got to use chalk and I measured and marked 24inch boards and colored up and down the trees to show my Dad where to cut. After every branch was done I told my Dad "this one is all colored and ready!" I think that helped make his day better too. Life is all about how you look at it :).  For example, Olive was an excellent log picker-upper and carrier today. She MAY have only ever grabbed the exact same log and was really just playing fetch... but I told her she was the very bestest logger doodle ever and she really liked that. She kept us company all day back on the hill! That is one faithful doodle doggie. And of course everyone knows that the bestest logger doodle ever needs to keep her very own log as a trophy! 

Olive here to help! 
I realize my beautiful markings do not show up as well in the photo... but let me just tell you this is one beautifully colored tree!
The Bestest Doodle Logger Ever- and her trophy
Even the deer doodles came out to say thank you for cleaning up the hill! 
All in all my Dad and I had a Timber-iffic Day!

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