Friday, September 23, 2016

Farm Store Fun!

Today my Dad and I finally did some much needed shopping together. We had a long list of things we needed and places to go. We had to make multiple trips to make sure all of our doodles were well taken care of during the day. My favorite stop on the list was the farm store! We absolutely cannot rush through there! On our list we had one of my favorite things that I have only been able to find there... Muscadine Jelly!!!! I love this jelly to the moon and back.... on toast, on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, on bagels, on a spoon.... YUM!! I couldn't even believe it but my jelly was on sale!!! JACKPOT! I added two jars to the cart right away. I also picked up some blackstrap molasses to make cookies and treats later this week. My Dad did a little more sensible shopping while we were there. He picked out new work gloves for me (all the upcoming log chopping is going to require a pair of gloves- or two) AND he helped me pick out a new pair of boots!!! Apparently my old pair I have been wearing are no longer suitable since I wore holes through them late last week. They also might smell a little, and by a little I mean they STINK! When the doodles run away when you take off your shoes that MIGHT be a sign that there is a problem. My Dad insisted that I get new work boots. My Dad needs some major kudos for sitting in the boot section for that long. I THINK if someone were to review the camera footage in the store today, they would say "oh that poor man" as I asked my Dad over and over again "Is this one better OR is this one better? What do you think?" I have to say when I got home and did more doodle chores they were much happier to see me than usual! They all sniffed my boots and wagged their tales. They are doodle approved! Thanks for my new boots Dad!!! And thank you for your everlasting patience! I am so excited to use all the goodies from the farm store! What a fun day! :)

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