Friday, September 2, 2016

Delicious Zucchini Day

Hello Doodle Lovers! It's Amelia here ready to give you tonight's delicious details from Yesteryear Acres. Today was Zucchini day! We all know that green goes with red so my Dad and I started processing the zucchini with our stained beet red fingers, and boy was it a glorious sight. You may not know this about me, but I am a zucchini fiend. I absolutely LOVE zucchini. We spent most of the day chopping, de-seeding (due to their ginormous size), and preparing the zucchini for processing. I grated a ton of zucchini and vacuum packed them in two cup increments so that I could make zucchini bread all year round! Who doesn't love that!?! Then my Dad and I made a big pot of slow cooked zucchini and onions that when defrosted will be ready for soups, side dishes, sauces, pastas, and more! On top of an already spectacular day my Dad made another amazing meal tonight for dinner. It started with needing room in the freezer for the processed goodies that I am NOT taking from Yesteryear Acres (shocking I know). My Dad found a buried unopened half gallon of vanilla bean ice cream and said, "man I don't know the last time I had a milkshake..." to which I responded, "oh me either! You know what sounds good... Hamburgers and milkshakes." To which spiraled into the best evening ever. My Dad one upped me and brought out bison burgers, garden fresh tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and grabbed the sour dough bread. I continued to grate the zucchini practically drooling along with the dogs while my Dad made malted vanilla bean milkshakes, cooked the burgers, caramelized the onions to perfection, and melted the cheese on top. He even made a special 'Dad Edition' of zucchini and onions for our side dish. I WAS IN FOOD HEAVEN. Let's just say we were supposed to have my Brother and Bri join us for dinner and I have never been more grateful for extra school work because they couldn't make it and my Dad and I ate pretty much EVERYTHING. So thank you college (and Sorry NOT Sorry to my dearest Brother and Bri)! I get my deep love of zucchini from my Dad. He can talk about a zucchini recipe like it was a discovered missing document of history that would save all of mankind. So when I tell you this next part you will know how great of a man Mr. Yesteryear Acres is. The only leftovers we had from this meal were two servings of special Dad Edition zucchini and onions and he told me to pack them up for my freezer!! TO KEEP!!!! I still cannot believe it! My Dad gave me his zucchini cooked his favorite way to keep in my freezer for ME to eat! I love that man!!!
Grated zucchini ready to go!

Dad assembling the bison burgers :) 

The best burger in the world

Absolute perfection! You pause everything, including processing zucchini, for a meal like this. 

Dad Edition of zucchini and onions. Seasoned like a pro

Plain zucchini and onions ready to be bagged for my freezer

Deliciousness ready to go home with me!

Dearest Dad you are cordially invited to my house this winter for zucchini and onions!! No meal is better than when you are there! Thanks for another delicious day!!

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