Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Antithesis Weather Syndrome

Well it turns out that I have the same curse that my Mom has. She will make a remark about the lovely weather and then the next day we will get the opposite. For example, she will change out her clothes from summer to winter and the following day will then be extremely hot. Depending on what clothes my Mom JUST tucked away into the attic, we will then experience an unusually unseasonably day of that season. It turns out, I too am cursed with Antithesis Weather Syndrome. Gee thanks MOM! Yesterday I couldn't stop talking about the lovely sunny day, and today I woke up to cloudy gray skies. Cloudy gray skies with high humidity and rain showers on and off all day. The doodle doggies glared out the windows and then back at me as if to say "you know what you did". Oh dearest doodles I did not know I suffered from Antithesis Weather Syndrome!!!!! So in hopes to return to the doodle doggies' good side.... OH WHAT A LOVELY RAINY GRAY DRIZZLY DAY IT IS TODAY!!! I hope tomorrow is just as lovely!!

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