Friday, September 16, 2016

Dottie's Doodles

A few weeks ago our faithful farm kitty Dottie had her own litter of doodles.... kitten doodles! They are soooo sweet and so cuddly. This week they have become quite active and ready to explore Yesteryear Acres! Dottie's Kitten Doodles are learning a lot from their mama and are starting to pounce. I spent quite a bit of my day playing with the kittens and a long piece of rope and laughing at their little butt wiggles! I can't contain all of their cuteness so I took a million pictures to share with you all! :) There MAY be one kitten in particular that I MAY have named and MAY be totally in love with and MAY try and take home back to my house.... but I am not saying that this has already happened.....

Dottie has 5 beautiful babies! 2 Black and white kittens, two tabby and white kittens, and a grey kitten. They are becoming little rascals.

Olive meet kitten doodle. Kitten doodle meet Olive! 

Hello Mr. Yesteryear Acres!! Will you teach us how to use the tools in your toolbox?

Doodle cuddles are the best! Everyone likes to make new friends

Time to play Follow the Leader!

This is Kristoff, My new kitten! Surprise Dad :)!!! But how can you say no to this face!?!?!? He fell asleep in my hand like this!!! My heart melted into a puddle of "I love you kitten" soup. DADDY PLEEEEAAAAAAASEEEE CAN I KEEP HIM!?!?! My cats would like a new buddy at my house!

Everyone should help me convince Mr. Yesteryear Acres that I Amelia NEED Kristoff the Kitten Doodle or I may very well perish!!! :)

I am off to go soak up some more kitten doodle cuteness! Thanks Dottie for having the most lovable litter of kitten doodles ever! 

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