Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Doodle Dandy Day Spa

Today I opened the Yesteryear Acres Dandy Doodle Day Spa. Was it on the calendar to groom the doodle doggies, yes. Was that day supposed to be today.... well no. Turns out that our walk today in honor of National Dog Week sparked an extra pizzaz in Truffles step. As in a pizzaz to have selective hearing and chase after that grey squirrel anyways.  When Truffles remembered her name was in fact 'Truffles' and "Come" actually meant to get her butt over here, she came back over to me. However her coat had a little something extra to it. A whole lot of burs. So I had to go ask my Dad to get out all the grooming supplies and trim Truffles right then and there. While I waited for my Dad to get out all the supplies, Blossom volunteered for a little brushing at the Dandy Doodle Day Spa. When you have to open the Spa... might as well make it a treat for as many doodles as you can! :)

Hey Amelia will you brush me please?! 
But with this one because its my favorite  
And I'll just lay like this and you brush... Okay?!
Look how fluffy I am!!! I am even brighter!

Blossom is fluffier than ever now! 
'Innocent' sweet little Truffles. I know that squirrel teased you and then ran up that tree where you could not reach him. It obviously wasn't your fault. It was Mr. Squirrel's.
NO DAD!!!! I was going to leave some fluff on the top!!!!! AHHHH!
Mr. Yesteryear Acres sure likes those clippers!
But now I am all groomed! Bur free and squeaky clean!!
I wonder if there is still time to find that squirrel?
Come on Mr. Yesteryear Acres....Let's go finish that walk!
Happy Doodle Dandy Spa Day!!


  1. I like the short doo on top!!! Way to go Darwin :-) Low maintenance is my favorite!!


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