Friday, September 9, 2016

WOOD be lost!

Hello Doodle Darlings! It's me, Olive!!! I just wanted to say how much I learned about picking up sticks and pulling branches the other day back in the woods. I watched the whole time as Mr. Yesteryear Acres and Amelia worked. Amelia gave me my own log to practice with and everything. So when the tree in the front yard snapped in the storm last night I was ready to help! I just looooooove to help the humans. They WOOD be lost without me!!!

First you have to get the Humans attention. "Um HELLO!!! There are awesome sticks over here!!!" Once that is accomplished ...

You have to pick off the branches.... so grab a good one and then

 yank really hard

And kind of twist it off the branch

Once you have successfully detached your stick

You must show the humans the excellent progress you are making. "Look Amelia!!! Do you see it?!?! Did you see what I did!?!?!?!" 

Once you have shown off your mad skills it is time to detach some of the leaves

I recommend starting from the middle. They taste delicious there!

Once you have removed the leaves it is time to show my other favorite human, Bri, where we have been putting the sticks all week. I am so happy she came home tonight!

Sometimes things and sticks are just so exciting that you just around and shake them!

Oh dear stick ... How I LOVE YOU!!!

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