Saturday, September 3, 2016

A Dog Day of Summer

Howdy Yesteryear Acres Followers! It is Amelia here reporting today's totally awesome tidbits. 

Earlier this evening Blossom, my sister's dog, had a serious talk with me. She told me how much she missed my sister and was wishing she was coming home for the holiday weekend. I let Blossom know that Abigail was feeling better and was even able to walk from her mailbox and back today. This made Blossom feel a little better, but I could tell she was somewhat glum. Then I got a perfect idea. Blossom needed a good ole Dog Day of Summer. So I broke out a new toy my Dad got at the Super Zoo, grabbed her leash, and said the magic words... "Do you want to go for a walk?" The answer was a very big YES! So Blossom and I set out for the mowed hay field to have a good fetch session. 

The rubber bouncy fish toy was a BIG hit with Blossom!!! She loved him!

She was very proud of herself every time she caught a fish.

She is wicked fast!! Blossom can get some major air time jumping and running after her toys. 

Blossom caught 'another' big one!

Everyone needs a hug and a kiss sometimes!

I love you Blossom Doodle!!!

I think Blossom is trying to say we should have a campfire this week.... After all it is still the Dog Days of Summer!!! I think I could use Blossom's adorable face to convince my Dad of a much needed campfire night. I think we all would benefit from a night of fun!

Dearest Mr. Yesteryear Acres... Can we have a campfire night where I can go fishing again? 

How could anyone say no to that face??

I hope everyone is having a doggone good day!!  

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