Thursday, September 15, 2016

Field Day

Well it appears my Antithesis Weather Syndrome diagnosis was correct, as today was an absolutely gorgeous day at Yesteryear Acres! Ahem ... I mean awful dreadful weather!!! Whew that was close! Anyways.... to clearly NOT enjoy this TERRIBLE day I took the doodles on a little adventure. I grabbed lots of leashes and the two new rubber bouncing toys my Dad got from the Super Zoo that are a HUGE hit with the dogs, and set out for Field Day.

I took 3 pros and a doodle doggie in training on today's adventure

Olive and Blossom LOVE the toys!!!

Peaches is ready for fetching practice!

But First.... a few kisses!

Grits wanted to squeeze in for the picture too!

Grits likes to show Peaches how to give great kisses and snuggles

Time for Field Day!!

ANNNND they are off!

Olive is an excellent tutor in the art of fetching

As my water buddy, I was not surprised that the fish toy was Grits' favorite! She's my little mer-doodle!

Field Day was a big hit and Peaches learned a lot about fetch. She did wonderfully on the leash too! I am super proud of all of the doodle doggies! We are keeping our paws crossed for another torturous weather day tomorrow :)

Happy Field Day!

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