Sunday, September 18, 2016

Bark Your Calendars!!!

Tomorrow, September 19th, kicks off the 75th year of National Dog Week!!!! We could not be more excited here at Yesteryear Acres! Although every week is national dog day here, we like the extra excuse to go above and beyond for our bestest doggie doodles. I am thinking homemade doggie treats, extra long walks, some swimming in the pond, stick gathering, field day, fetch, belly rubs, back scratches, and so much more!!! The best part is that they don't even know its coming yet!!! Dearest Dad... we must put some of the other chores on hold while we spoil our faithful doodle buddies. I have been gathering many ideas on Pinterest to delight my little doodle friends. Please share with us your loving loyal doodle! I always love to hear how everyone's furry family members are doing. Get ready for a week of pictures!!! Who doesn't want to see this happy face!?!

Everyone BARK your calendars!!!

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