Thursday, March 9, 2017

7 Year Blogiversary

7 years ago today, I decided it would be awesome to start a daily blog about life here at Yesteryear Acres.  I wanted a way to connect to our puppy families so they could feel the love we have for our Doodle Doggies and how very grateful we are to be able to spend our days loving sweet adorable puppies. When we started raising puppies, we had to take puppy pictures with a camera that took REAL FILM.  We would have a mere 36 pictures on a roll that took two weeks to develop, only to find most of the pictures were pictures of puppy ears and noses! Once digital cameras were invented, puppy pictures were so much easier to capture! The internet boom followed by the creation of our very own website was so exciting.  I love uploading weekly pictures of our puppies.  I still felt Yesteryear Acres needed more.  I wanted more than just a website. I wanted families to feel part of Yesteryear Acres. Seven years ago, I started writing every day and I haven't stopped. For the past 7 years we have not missed a single day of blogging. We have published 2,558 posts of love-filled, puppy-filled, doggie-filled, tail wagging devotion. Here's to post 2559.........
Here is our son in July 1998 training his first puppy
He was quite good at puppy deliveries as well!
Amelia says, "That's because he learned from the best!" 
Our home has always been filled with tail wagging devotion
We have been blessed to have the 3 best puppy socializers in the world!  
And their love of Doggies only grows with each passing year
We are grateful that our family business is our passion
And the next generation loves it as much as we do
Amelia and Maverick...... Our Yesteryear Acres Grooming Team 
We are here to answer any questions and to share Yesteryear Acres Tail Wagging Devotion with you
Thank you for reading our blog
Happy 7 Year Blogiversary to us!

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