Sunday, March 5, 2017

Almost Unwatchable

Last night we did something we love to do but rarely have time for.  We watched a movie.  Now not an entire movie because that is almost impossible but we watched a good 2/3rds of an entire movie. We set a goal to quit working by 9:30 and miracle of miracles, at 9:33pm we called it a day. I think we had the movie going by 9:40pm. We actually had Saturday movie night at Yesteryear Acres.  Hurray!  Bring out the popcorn!  Bring out the blankets!  Movie time!  At approximately 9:45pm - we realized we chose an awful movie.  By 10:00pm we had given up any hope that the movie would in fact get better.  Now here is the worst part.....the movie was almost unwatchable.  It was not so bad that we turned off the movie. Nope, it was just one teensy weensy level above totally unwatchable. It was absolutely awful BUT......what will happen to the girl? Who is the actual bad guy? Will the lead character make it out alive?  These are all burning questions that sadly, we have to find the answers to.  So tonight, if all goes well, we will watch the remaining 47 minutes of the horrible awful very bad no good almost unwatchable movie.  I almost can't wait!

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