Friday, March 24, 2017

Never say, "Just a little off the top"

Blossom will be having Goldendoodle puppies for us in April.  It was such a lovely day outside today, it seemed perfect for giving Blossom a little maternity haircut. It is much nicer for newborn puppies to not have to root through too much doodle hair to find the milk bar and things stay much cleaner when the mommy dog has a shorter coat.
Hey Blossom!? Wanna hair cut? 

I feel that this will not go well 
Do you prefer blue or pink?  
Don't worry Blossom, I will still remember you ....pre-haircut 
Oh, look at that cute mommy tummy 
 Blossom, I'm saving this for you 
Gee Blossom, this makes a nice bed 
Never mind Blossom, I am going to keep it
Blossom! You are not done!  Come back! 
Ummmmmm you did say "just a little off the top" didn't you? 
Maybe, just maybe, we cut a little bit more than just off the top 
Please don't tell my friends. 
I am going undercover. 
My new name shall be "Blossom of the Springtime, you took more than just a little off the top, Goldendoodle"

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